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Intersport Images: operates a photographic archive and picture agency, providing quality Sporting/Editorial images primarily for professional editorial and advertising uses. Both the cost for commercial digital downloads, personal use downloads and Photographic prints, can by calculated by clicking the buy image button.

Intersport Images was founded in 1982 and incorporates Peter Spurrier Sports Photography.

A large volume of images prior to 2000 are held on Colour transparency/Negative/ B/W Negative film. So if it not in the archive it doesn't mean it's not available, email us your request and we will search through the records. info@intersport-images.com

Services: Commissioned live coverage, portraiture, features.


Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images) and any other sites/names owned by Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images that are directly related i.e. sub- domains and alternative names that point to Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images. This business Is to be known as www.intersport-images.com, owned by Peter Spurrier. Account holders are hereafter referred to as 'The Client'

                  The images on the site always remain the copyright of Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images and/or those who licence their images to be sold therein. There are no rights' free (RF), or unlicensed images on this site (including thumbs, previews or graphics). If you download an image from this site it does not automatically grant a licence for its use, other as an account holder for paid editorial. All editorial use must be paid for and all other uses negotiated and permission granted in writing. The website code & design itself is also under copyright and may not be duplicated or resold. No www.intersport-images.com content may be distributed, re-sold, re-licensed or reproduced without licence from www.intersport-images.com. All rights are reserved by Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images.

                  The images on www.intersport-images. com are intended for editorial, advertising and promotion, for example, It is up to the Client to ensure they have the permission of third parties, who may also hold certain image rights. The Client agrees to indemnify Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images in respect of all claims made by third parties, if such uses are made without the correct permissions being granted.

                  The Client must not change or alter www.intersport-images.com images (other than basic cropping and image preparation techniques, that don't alter the primary content). The images must not be used in a libellous or defamatory way. The Client agrees to indemnify www.intersport-images.com in respect of all claims arising from this type misuse and to compensate Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images in respect of losses caused.

                  www.intersport-images.com will make every effort to caption images accurately and provide correct information. However, the Client is responsible for checking that the data is correct and www.intersport-images.com will accept no responsibility for losses arising from possible inaccuracies, whether online or embedded in the image metadata.

                  As an account holder of www.intersport-images.com online, you accept that data (downloaded images, dates, times and by whom) will be collected by Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images for purposes of monitoring use and to help with billing. (See also Privacy Policy below). However, there is no automatic download fee for registered editorial account holders, unless this has been specifically agreed. This does not mean that images are without charge when published but you will not be billed for simply downloading with the intention of use. Images must not be downloaded and archived electronically for future use by editorial clients, as long as these terms and conditions are adhered to.

                  All picture uses must be reported and paid for by the relevant customer using self-billing or by requesting an invoice from Peter Spurrier/Intersport Images. All payments are on 30 day terms.


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Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will any personal/company data collected and retained by www.intersport-images.com be passed on to any third party.